Importance of a Good Tailor

by | Mar 11, 2020

Regardless of where you are on the weight or height spectrum finding a suit that fits perfectly is nearly impossible. You probably have a suit in your wardrobe that doesn’t fit you properly or you have grown out of it. If you have struggled to find a suit to fit your body type, then you need a good tailor.

A good tailor can be hard to find but at Empire Collection we pride ourselves in having highly qualified, experienced tailors to carry out any custom suit and suit alterations. It is not just a case of being able to cut fabrics, shorten trousers or take in a jacket, a good tailor should also be able to communicate with you about what you want and what you need. We are knowledgeable about cut, fit, and fabric and can also advise you on what will suit your body shape, give you suggestions and ideas as to what looks good on you and what the current trends are. They are not afraid to give an honest opinion when getting your Suit tailored.

Clothes that fit well will make you feel and look better. You will look taller, slimmer and more proportioned. Anyone can reap the benefits from tailoring. Today suits are mass produced. It follows one size fits all mantra, which is something you should avoid.

For men, tailoring a suit will add the finishing touches to an important wardrobe staple. Even if it is only worn twice a year, a tailored suit gives a completely different impression to one that has been plucked off the rack. The shoulders will be emphasized, the trousers will not be too loose or too long, the overall look will fit your body and make you look sharper. The same applies to tailored shirts.

Tailoring is a practice that has a long history and tradition for both men and women. For centuries, tailoring has played a major part in the lives of people from all walks of life. It was not until the mass production of ‘made to measure’ clothing that people started to try to squeeze themselves into a pre conceived notion of a ‘size’.

Wearing a suit that doesn’t fit you properly can give off the impression that you don’t care about how you look or that you lack style. The only way to prevent this from happening and improve others’ perceptions of you is to tailor your suit. A tailor will take exact measurements of your body and alter your suit so that it fits you like a glove. Using a tailor guarantees a perfect fit, which means you’ll call attention to your best features.

Having a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit you properly can become a severe annoyance in your day-to-day life. Think buttons popping open, gaping waistbands, or worst of all – a tight fit that ultimately results in a rip! The easiest way to combat this issue is to get your suit tailored. Make sure you walk around, sit, and stretch before you leave the tailors to ensure every inch of your suit works for your body.

A good suit is an investment piece, and you definitely want to get your money’s worth out of it. That means increasing your cost per wear. Since getting your suit tailored improves its overall fit, your suit will last longer, and you’ll be able to wear it more.

Looking the part is half the battle when it comes to career advancements. Remember – if you look good, you feel good, and a fitted suit can make you feel like a whole new person. Getting your suit tailored is a great way to show off your personal style and it also helps especially if you don’t necessarily have the most excellent fashion sense.

Let the professionals help you, that’s what we are here for after all. Give yourself the gift of good tailoring and alterations. Call Empire Collection and see how great a well-fitting dress, suit or coat will make you feel.