Suit fitting for Nepalese Men

by | Mar 11, 2020

Whenever suiting is discussed- what should matter most for the Nepalese men is the fit. But 99% of the Nepalese men wear suits that fit not so well or terribly ill. The problem is Nepalese men don’t discuss the fit of the suit apart from shoulder width, sleeve and pants length. Here is the comprehensive Guide on How a Suit should fit Nepalese men of various body types. Here are the aspects of a well- fitting suit Jacket.

Suit Collar:

A suit’s collar should fit snugly against your neck without it being overly tight. Even when a suit jacket looks good, if the suit collar is not right, it shows when you start moving your arms. The fit of the collar is crucial for your natural movement.

Suit Shoulder:

The shoulder of a suit should be slightly hanging over to give you a broader look and enable a range of movement as you have multiple layers of fabric. If your shoulder is too tight, you’ll have a hard time moving forward and moving your arms naturally backwards.


Ready-made suits are too big because they want to have a one size that fits it all. Huge arm holes may seem comfortable but as you move, your entire jacket moves with you and constricts you. On the other hand, a tight armhole ends just below your armpit, you can comfortably and easily move without feeling constricted. And if you have a small armhole, you’ll see wrinkles on the sleeves and it makes it impossible to reach forward.


When it comes to a good fit of the chest it’s always easy to see because some chests are fuller and they have more fabric that drapes well. On the other hand, you can have a very lean trim cut chest that is sometimes more popular with slim fit suits but it will never have that same amount of drape. The advantage of folds is that it makes your chest look bigger and it gives you that V shape that’s very attractive to the opposite sex. When your chest width is too tight and you move around. You should always measure your chest at the widest point.


A sleeve should always hang very nicely without any wrinkles. If you want to have a great movement and a comfortable jacket, you need some extra fabric on the top of your sleeve simply to reach forward, otherwise, if it’s too tight, it may look great when your arms hang down but as soon as you move, you’re constricted in that area. Made-to-measure or bespoke has a great advantage that you can specify those things and a small armhole in combination with a wider upper sleeve will provide you a much more comfortable jacket that looks the part.


The proper way to look at jacket length is into an optical relation to your entire height and to your pants. So ideally, if you stand and you look at the profile from the side the length from the back of your neck to the bottom of your jacket should be exactly the same length as from the bottom of your jacket to the bottom of your pants. With the correct proportion and length you will always look very well dressed and dapper and timeless. The problem with going with the jacket is too long means that your torso appears longer and your legs shorter which makes it look short, especially for Nepalese men. Same thing the other way around, if you have very long legs and a short torso, it just seems off. The great thing about a tailored suit is that it can hide certain flaws.


Empire Collection’s tailored and made to measurer suit fits always better than the ready-made ones. And we can fix most of the ill-fitting suits with slight alteration. We pay close attention to minor details of the suit’s fitting making you look better than the rest.